Is this your first encounter with vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics consist of ingredients produced without using any animal substances. If a cosmetic carries the phrase “vegan”, it means that it has not been tested on animals. However, it is important to see the phrase “cruelty free” on the packaging. Plant-based cosmetics consist of herbal extracts and oils. Plant-based formulas may also use artificial ingredients used in traditional cosmetics. When we look at the relationship between vegan cosmetics and consumers, we see that there are still some question marks in the minds of users. Do vegan cosmetics have as strong effects as traditional cosmetics? The answer to this is vegan formulas that challenge traditional cosmetics with their technology. Increasing numbers of vegan examples are strengthening their place on the bestseller list. The results obtained on the skin with plant-based and vegan cosmetics today are an indication that the vegan and plant-based products of the new world will not remain as they are in the bottle. ☺ Natural ingredients first take over our skin and then our soul.