Orders placed on our website will be delivered to you by our contracted courier companies with transportation guarantee after bank approval.

If you suspect any damage or crushing in your package during delivery, please ask the courier to prepare a Damage Compensation Form.

The products you purchase will be notified to you by a confirmation email. In case any of the selected products are not available in stock, you will be notified via email, and the date when the product will be back in stock will be informed to you. is a reliable online shopping website. If the product you have paid for online is out of stock, it will be promptly supplied. In case this period exceeds 3 days, you will be informed, and if the customer does not accept the supply period, the payment made will be refunded.


The products in our store are under our company’s warranty. We guarantee that we do not sell any products on our website named that would constitute a violation of the laws of the Republic of Turkey. We pledge that the medical-type products we sell are within the scope of non-prescription products, and all non-prescription products are approved by the Ministry of Health and Agriculture of the Republic of Turkey.


  • You can return the product you purchased by applying to within 14 days from the day you received the product through the following conditions. No “shipping fee” will be charged for the products you will return.
  • Promotional and campaign products given as gifts must be returned at the same time.
  • For purchased products to be returned within the scope of the “Right of Withdrawal,” the purchased product must not have damaged the original box and inner packaging, and its invoice and all accessories must be sent intact and complete with the product.
  • The products for which the right of withdrawal cannot be used are as follows: I. Products that cannot be returned due to their nature, II. Products prepared according to the consumer’s requests or clearly personal needs, III. Products that are not suitable for return if opened by the BUYER due to health and hygiene reasons, products mixed with other products after delivery and products that cannot be separated due to their nature, IV. Makeup Products
  • For cosmetic and personal care products, underwear products, swimsuits, bikinis, etc., their packages must be unopened, unused, undamaged, and intact to be returned. It is necessary to check the products during the delivery from the cargo, and if there is any damage, a damage report must be prepared under the supervision of the cargo personnel. In cases of applications stating that the product is damaged after delivery, goodwill is processed. However, it should be understood that there is frequent abuse in these situations. Therefore, please be sure to check your cargo packages before accepting them. Damaged products for which a report has not been prepared will not be accepted for return. Our company records all packaging and shipping processes with digital imaging systems. In case of claims of missing items in the order, the packaging department records of our company are examined, and if any missing products are detected, they are immediately communicated to the customer. Customers who want to exchange due to receiving the wrong product or want to exchange the received product with another product can return the product they returned without the “Right of Withdrawal” intact, with its packaging and invoice, and undertake the shipping cost to our address via the courier companies we have an agreement with. Packages sent from courier companies that we do not have an agreement with will not be accepted. Before sending the product, you must fill out the return form on the e-archive invoice sent to you and send it together with the product. If the customer returns the product or withdraws from the purchase, the product price will be refunded to the customer within ten (10) days from the moment the returned product reaches, using the payment method used by the customer in their purchase.

Note: Shipments sent outside of Yurtiçi Cargo will not be accepted.

Important Note About Makeup Products

There may be differences between the colors of makeup products on computer or LCD screens and the colors seen with the naked eye. Therefore, please make sure about the colors of the products you intend to purchase. Exchange and return are not accepted for makeup products.

Refunds for bank transfers will be made within 2 business days, while refunds for credit card payments will be made within 3 business days. Your bank may not reflect credit card refunds to your account on the same day. In this case, you need to contact your bank’s credit card service. After the “Cancelled” notification appears for your order, the entire amount will be refunded to your credit card or the bank you made the transfer to. The product refund amount to the credit card is made by your bank within 2-6 days. Our company has no discretion during this period. Refunds for installment sales are reflected as a positive balance to your credit card by your bank every month.


The legal definition of cosmetic and dermocosmetic products is as follows: Cosmetic product: All preparations or substances prepared for application to various external parts of the human body such as the epidermis, nails, hair, lips, external genital organs, teeth, and oral mucosa, singly or mainly for the purpose of cleaning these parts, giving them a fragrance, changing their appearance, and/or correcting and/or maintaining their body odors or good condition. It cannot be claimed that cosmetic products and dietary supplements treat any disease, assist in its treatment, prevent any disease, or assist in its prevention. It cannot be claimed that cosmetic products act on the deeper layers of the skin and have a permanent effect. The explanations provided on our website are based on information and documents such as product labels, brochures provided by manufacturers and producers. These pieces of information do not imply that the promised effects of the products will definitely occur or that there are no side effects.