What is Hyaluronic Acid? What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

Hyaluronic acid is known as a sticky, slippery substance that your body naturally produces. Scientists have found hyaluronic acid throughout the body, especially in the eyes, joints and skin. Long-term use of hyaluronic acid serum on your skin or as an oral supplement may improve overall skin health. It is also great for helping improve overall skin elasticity and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid serums, lotions, and cleansers are used in dermatology to improve skin hydration and increase plumpness, which helps reduce the effects of skin aging.

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?
The most important benefit of hyaluronic acid is its incredible ability to hydrate and retain moisture. To understand how important moisture is for skin, you must first know that dehydrated skin looks dry, rough and flaky. So keeping the skin moist is not just a matter of aesthetics. Inadequately moisturized skin cannot maintain an intact skin barrier, leaving skin more vulnerable to damage from external and environmental sources. According to a study, when the skin barrier is not broken, it can allow bacteria to enter and lead to infection. Disrupted skin barriers can play a role in many skin problems such as dry skin, atopic dermatitis, rosa and acne.

It is important to moisturize the skin because moisturized skin looks fuller, healthier and more vibrant. According to some research, skin aging is associated with loss of skin moisture, and hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient when it comes to combating or reversing these symptoms. Due to its water-retaining nature, hyaluronic acid can restore dry areas. The best hyaluronic acid serum and anti-wrinkle creams have been found to reduce the depth of wrinkles around the lips and eyes by 10 to 20 percent over a three-month period. At the same time, skin firmness improved by 13 to 30 percent.

It is recommended to apply products containing hyaluronic acid, especially during the winter months when the skin is the driest. But even those who don’t struggle with dryness may want to add hyaluronic acid to their skin care routine. Hyaluronic acid moisturizer is recommended for people of all ages.

Hyaluronik Asit Nasıl Alınır?
Hyaluronic acid is also used in dermal fillers, most in injectable gel form. Hyaluronic acid fillers add volume by physically filling the area where they are placed and also by attracting water to increase the filler effect. When the benefits of hyaluronic acid to the skin are examined, there are many different benefits. Looking at hyaluronic acid benefits, fillers can be used to address a multitude of cosmetic concerns, including lifting cheeks, smoothing deeper folds and wrinkles around the mouth and chin, improving the appearance of sunken, dark, under-eye circles, moisturizing and beautifying lips, and rejuvenating hands.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe?
Hyaluronik asit, ciltte doğal olarak oluşan bir şeker molekülüdür ve suyu kolajene bağlamaya, onu ciltte hapsetmeye yardımcı olur. Böylece cilt daha dolgun ve daha nemli görünebilir. Hyaluronik asitin güvenilirliği, nasıl kullanıldığına bağlı olarak değişse de genel olarak güvenilirdir. Tezgah üstü hyaluronik asit serumları ve cildinize uygulanan ürünler losyon ya da krem gibi ürünler güvenli kabul edilir. Ağız yoluyla alınan hyaluronik asit takviyeleri de güvenilirdir ancak diğer ilaçlar, vitaminler veya takviyeler yine de sağlık uzmanınıza bunlar hakkında bilgi vermeniz gerekir. Reçeteli hyaluronik asit ürünleri, tam olarak sağlık uzmanının talimatına uygun olarak alınmalıdır. Hyaluronik asit içeren her türlü enjeksiyon yalnızca lisanslı, kalifiye bir uzman tarafından yapılmalıdır.

Who Should Use Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, so it is rare for a person to have any allergic reactions. Using a product containing more than four percent hyaluronic acid may dry out your skin, but other than that, side effects are minimal. Anyone can use hyaluronic acid, but it may help treat conditions that are more common in people with certain skin types.

People with dry skin: Hyaluronic acid can help people with dryness improve their moisture retention.
People with oily skin: Hyaluronic acid is also great for people with oily skin due to its low molecular weight, which leaves the skin feeling light while retaining moisture.
People with sensitive skin: For those with sensitive skin, Hyaluronic acid can help calm and protect skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. However, people who want to avoid the potential drying effects of high-percentage best hyaluronic acid solutions should check the ingredients of their product to make sure it contains hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, the best ingredient for sensitive skin.
People with mature skin: Hyaluronic acid moisturizing products have anti-aging properties that can help people with mature skin improve the appearance and elasticity of their skin.