Why Do We Need Serums?

What are these serums that are constantly recommended in the skin care routine, and what do they do?
We call skin care products that contain active ingredients such as antioxidants, acids and vitamins as serum. In addition to maintaining the moisture balance in your skin, serums help increase collagen production in the long term, and collagen increase is very important for the skin. Although most of us know serums as a more intense care than creams, they are lighter than creams because they contain small molecules in structure, so they can nourish the deeper layers of the skin.

What are the benefits of using serum for our skin?
Serums are formulated to directly target problems such as pigmentation, aging-related spots, and deep wrinkles that occur deeper in the upper skin, which we call the epidermis. For this reason, serums are an indispensable part of anti-aging care and their distinctive effects have been clinically proven.

Can we use serum instead of day or night cream?

No way. Moisturizers are designed to keep the skin moist and act as a barrier between the external environment and our skin. Serums, on the other hand, aim to solve skin problems by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin with their key ingredients.

Night and day creams and serum have different roles and benefits in skin care. Not using one of these means depriving the skin of its benefits. To briefly explain the three products so that you can easily distinguish them from each other:

• Serum: With its light and small molecule structure, it penetrates deep into the skin and helps solve skin problems. Increases the effect of day or night cream.
• Day Cream: It deeply moisturizes your skin and protects it against external factors during the day. Their formulas contain UV factor, which protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and the resulting aging.
• Night Cream: Our skin nourishes and renews itself at night; Therefore, serum is never enough at night. Night cream provides the care our skin needs to regenerate and moisturizes the skin.
So how should we use the serum?
Apply the serum to your cleansed face and toner. Massage your face and neck while applying. Since serums are dense in content, usually a large drop will be enough for your entire face and neck. Avoid applying the product excessively. You will see that it is easily absorbed by your skin. Now your skin is ready to apply day or night cream!